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"Moondance" in a rehearsal
Here's what former ACSB players have to say about the project...

"You are so involved in a program that really changes lives! I would not be the teen I am today without ACSB!"

"The stage band taught me that music wasn't as arcane as I'd always thought; that in reality everything was much
simpler than I'd been imagining and what was required to play was already in me."

"These teens are embarking on an incredible journey like I did just under 4 years ago. You give young people the
opportunity to not only display their talents but to prove to the public and to themselves that they can do anything."

"[ACSB provides] an environment to teach and learn in new and creative/practical ways which never would have
occurred to me during a private lesson. It was a totally musical vibe in which everyone was able to feed off
each-other's energy."

"I think ASCB is such a wonderful program... I know that I have benefited from my time in it in so many ways, and
I know it continues to have a positive effect on other students as well."

"I came to the revelation that what people wanted was me, not my instrument, not my sheet music. It was me they
wanted. Somehow I was never able to feel this before Stage Band, but because of it my confidence was boosted

" I have had so much fun doing this. It has been a great experience. I've had such
an awesome time [playing in the ACSB]."

"It is a positive learning experience that not only increases musical competence but also develops character and
confidence, and provides an opportunity for young musicians to meet like-minded individuals."

"Studio 6 is like a classroom. There's a teacher, some students, and work to be done; but unlike school, we're all
learning different lessons... That and the fact that it's a million times more fun than school!"

"My experience with the All City Stage Band Project has been an amazing one so far.  I feel so lucky to have such
an amazing leader for the All City Stage Band.  Val you have changed my life this year by giving me so many new
opportunities with music."
Gold Medal Performace of
"Shining Star" at Musicfest 2007


Music Pro Education Centre
54 Cedar Pointe Drive, Barrie

The ACSB project meets on
Wednesdays from 5:00 - 7:30pm at
the Music Pro Education Centre

All of our bookings are managed
through the website located at
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October  2009 - BARRIE        

The All City Stage Band Project is auditioning for members for the 2010 project!

The 2010 ACSB project will run from January to the end of July long weekend in
order to meet the community needs for performances in June and July..  

Black out dates, as always, will include secondary school exam periods.

The ACSB project supports an exciting and talented group of well-developed
young performers who come together to explore the process of becoming a
professional working musician in a jobbing type band.  

We are only forming ONE project band this year.  See the auditions page.

Rehearsals are planned for Wednesdays from 5 - 7:30pm weekly.

For more information contact the music director, Valerie Hathaway-Warner at
705-791-3794 or by email at

The ALL CITY STAGE BAND project was formed in 2005 to provide equitable
ies for young musicians to flourish in Simcoe County.
MPEC Show  March 27th 2009
Watch some video of the project in action!
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