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Born in Scotland, Ian moved to Ireland
and started playing drums at age 8.
With a family background in music
Ian’s father, a world renowned Piper,
exposed him to the band hall that lead
him to a life long love of drums and
drumming.  Ian was fortunate enough
to have incredible teachers in his early
years such as John Byrne and the late
great Alex Duthart.  At age 11, Ian
played with the prestigious Abbey
Theater in Dublin and as a
percussionist with the theaters pit
orchestra.  Having played with various
bands in Dublin, Ian moved to Canada
in 1982 where he has played and
recorded with numerous bands
including Alchemist Dream and Bios
Fear. Ian is currently playing with the
local band Fretless, a classic rock 3
piece.  Ian contributes his success in
having an open mind to all styles of
music and has played everything from
Funk and Jazz to Rock and Blues.

Ian has been teaching drums since
1986 and is now teaching at the MPEC.
Ian Anderson
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