Music Pro Education Centre
54 Cedar Pointe Drive,  Barrie ON  L4N 5R7
Tel: 705-726-5051
Teaching others on the path of
music has been Michael’s ultimate
music has been Michael’s ultimate
school. Students would ask for help
delight.  “I started teaching in high
and it became a daily routine.  
Teaching others completes me.  I
learn something new about myself
or teaching in every session. It’s an
ongoing awakening”.

Michael teaches Flute, Clarinet,
Saxophone, Recorder and Theory.
Woodwind player and instructor
Michael Kernen has made his home in
Barrie Ontario for the past 15 years.  
He has traveled Canada & Europe
studying, performing, teaching and
generally working in the music industry
all his life.  

“Music is my life.  I’ve been playing
musical instruments since grade 2 in
Switzerland where Recorder was
mandatory.  I loved it.  When I was old
& brave enough I pulled out my dad’s
clarinet.  From the moment I put the
reed on the mouthpiece and blew my
first note, there was no turning back . It
was magical.  That moment in time has
fuelled my musical passion to this day.”

From playing in the family traditional
Swiss music Gruezi group or various
Dixieland & traditional jazz bands such
as The Armstrong Jazz Band to
touring  Europe with the Nostalgia
Dance Band  and countless solo jazz &
Classical performances, Michael  is a
proven and accomplished player in all
Michael Kernen