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Valerie Hathaway
Jazz Piano, Sax
Valerie Hathaway-Warner, B.F.A., C.M.M.

"Merely learning to read music makes you
a technician, not a musician."

Founder of the All City Stage Band Project, and the Chop Shop
programmes, Valerie brings a variety of skills
and abilities to the Music Pro team.

Her diverse background allows her to bring a
variety of different experiences and
pedagogical strategies to the  lesson format.   

Hathaway-Warner began teaching music
formally in 1990 as an Itinerant Music
Specialist with the Board of Education for the
City of Toronto, now TDSB.  She also began
teaching professional development seminars
for York University, instructing music
educators about Computers in Music
Education on PD days.  She went into
government service in 1993 - 2000 and
returned to music education in 2003 as the
mother of two.

As a part-time student in the Faculty of
Education at York University,  she is exploring
many more ways to make connections to
education real and valuable for her students.  
When she finishes her program in spring of
2009, she will qualified to teach in the
Junior/Intermediate divisions, and more
specifically, music to Grade 10.

We are excited to announce that Valerie is the
recipient of a variety of prestigious awards and
scholarships that speak to her level of
commitment to teaching music with
excellence.  The Ontario College of Teachers
has recognized her with the
Joseph W.
Atkinson scholarship for Excellence in Teacher
Education, the Leonard Foundation has
awarded scholarship, and she is also the
recipient of the Tom Arnold Scholarship for
Parking Advancement.

Valerie believes in educating people to become
expressive musicians through the
development of effective musical literacy.
Valerie is pleased to provide
instruction in:

Drum Set
Percussion includes
  • Mallets ( xylophone,
    vibraphone and
  • Timpani,
  • concert snare drum, bass
    drum and,
  • assorted miscellaneous
    concert percussion.
Piano for Drummers
(and other non-pianists)
Saxophone (Jazz)
University Preparation
  • ear training
  • dictation
  • repertoire development
  • theory
Hand Drumming for Teachers
Classroom Recorder
Elementary Band, and other
classroom pedagogy for music
instruction in the Primary, Junior
and Intermediate divisions.
Sibelius 5, Musition, and
Auralia computer software.