Project Mission
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"Prepare the child for the path, not the path for the child"
The All City Stage Band Project was initially created in October 2005 to narrow the "gap"
that exists for young musicians training in our small urban/rural areas and give them local
opportunities similar to that which their peers  receive in large urban centres such as

As the project developed, it became really apparent that the same group of people had the
opportunity to really excel and grow both personally and professionally thorough the
course of the program.  We had achieved a very high level of ability, and newcomers would
find it hard to "jump in".   (Also - no-one was leaving, so there was no room for more!)

In July 2006, the project sponsored the start of a second group - the "B-Band" which has
become the first "training ground" for players with little or none of this type of  ensemble
experience to get used to the routines and expectations without the regular performance
demands.  Expansion of the group continued in September 2007, with the addition of a
elite level, "Showband" for emerging young professional players to balance their skill set,
develop and hone professional attitudes and have the opportunity to play professional
charts with the mentorship and guidance of performing artists. In 2009, we returned to a
single, high-calibre band format.

In 2010, we will be forming a single, high calibre group of performers as the ACSB project.

Project Goals
  • to ensure equitable admission to all applicants and assist in the reduction or
    elimination of barriers to participation, including, but not limited to financial
    assistance and access to instruments.
  • to create a climate where young people can feel comfortable reaching for their best
    work in a room full of their peers, secure in the knowledge that 'massive public
    failure' is regarded with the same reverence as perfection.
  • to bring challenging ensemble charts to fruition in a manner that is musically
    sensitive, technically accurate, and developmentally appropriate.
  • to provide opportunities to interact with and support local communities by
    providing entertainment for functions such as Celebrate Barrie, MS Walkathon, and
  • to give youth, for whom music is the motivator, the opportunity to surround
    themselves with "like people" and truly feel connected and supported while
    developing their attitudes and abilities.
The ACSB project is grateful for the
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